Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that might come to your mind before you start working with me. Please go through the set of frequently asked questions along with their answers. 

I offer services that will help you build your business on social media, gain revenue and create an online presence that will keep your business alive even in the times of the pandemic. The services that I offer are logo design, brochure, white paper design, info-graphics, explainer videos, marketing design. In the visuals design department UX and UI are the challenging tasks I love to do. I focus on the aesthetics of a website or any other type of digital design.

Yes. Redesigning is a great idea if you feel that your website or graphics lacks that spark. You can come up with unique and innovative ideas and we can work on redesigning your UX UI or graphics to make it up to date and give a trending touch to it. However, if you want to go for a very different and new look, it might be better for you to consider getting a new graphic or visual altogether.

Yes. If you are thinking of getting a website for your business for the first time, it is very obvious that you will be confused. You might not know which design will work for you. And you can depend on us for that. I will provide you with the materials which you can go through to understand the things that are required in a website. I will also provide some links to websites that can give you knowledge on topics such as creating your brand, how to get more conversions, business goals, and models, etc. We can then come up with the best design for your website.

The first reason is that you will get your wonderful designs at an affordable price. The economy has gone down during the pandemic and it will be both affordable and time-saving for you if you work with me. I work with a team of freelancers to bring the best designs that will suit your business needs. I have a talented team of people who are good at what they do and can come up with innovative ideas and with our teamwork; we can deliver your designs on time.

The work that we do doesn’t depend on any time zone. We can work on your projects at any preferred time. However, we do make sure to deliver the work on time. And whenever any communication is required, we can do that as per a selected time depending on both of our convenience and availability. If we need to work on something that needs to be done together, we will find out a way to work in your time zone.

I prefer – PayPal (overseas clients) and Online Transfer (locals). My Refund Policy is always in the agreement. If you wish to terminate the contract, we will refund your payment excluding the Involvement Fee. This charge will be deducted depending upon how much work we have already completed, how much time we have spent on your project, etc.